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#thIMPULSE - 01.2020 - planetary constellations

Aktualisiert: 17. Jan. 2020




I thought about writing for quite some time.

I love putting words and thoughts in written – I already sent newsletters from my travelling adventures back in 2004 (Nihao Newsletter series).

I love sharing – the idea of me experiencing or learning something, which could be of value to somebody else keeps me up at night.

I love connecting with people – staying in contact with people I met along the way (YOU).

Here comes the catch:

thIMPULSE is not meant to be a personal newsletter of any sort.

thIMPULSE is my contribution to people and organizations that are interested in change and progress.

thIMPULSE is structured according to what I find most important and valuable:

  1. Content: Thoughts / Impulses on Change, Leadership & Culture

  2. Giving: Business tips, business ideas and book summaries for free

  3. Context: Focus on NOW

  4. Action: Actionable advice

If this does not resonate with you, stop reading, unsubscribe, tell me to stop sending you thIMPULSE (you can re-subscribe anytime on my website:

The dates for the distribution are not fixed, however it will always be at a point in time I consider important or special for thoughts & impulses.

I will always end thIMPULSE with a “question to progress”. This will be a simple thread throughout the series.

To conclude:

I am already honored that you read this first paragraph.

I am looking forward to critical feedback and improvement suggestions.

I am hoping thIMPULSE will add value to you, personally and professionally, and your organization.

I am grateful that our paths have crossed, otherwise you would not receive thIMPULSE.

Happy change and progress!



Why NOW?*

Today on January 12, 2020 at 16:59 pm UTC the planet Saturn will conjunct Pluto. It is a major planetary event occurring on average every 34 years.

When the two most serious and cold planets align, things get tough: it forces us to develop inner focus, determination and courage. This constellation will initiate a new cycle, shifting the emphasis on value creation around purpose.

Also in broader terms (e.g. geopolitically) this might cause a dynamic of change and re-distribution (e.g. of power, natural resources…).

In this planetary constellation people such as Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and David Rockefeller were born.

My gathered recommendations:

  • Accept the inevitable and do what must be done.

  • Go with the flow of life and the chances that present itself.

  • Once you decided to change, follow through (even for things you have stubbornly refused so far).

  • Consider January 2020 as a good period of time to plant a seed for the long run.

  • Pay your bills on time and brush your teeth (and floss😊).


Business tools < 50 EUR

May I introduce to you Upwork: The talent you need, the flexibility you want – (obviously I am not affiliated or anything).

I used it now three times:

  1. Website creation: which I never launched. The blog was ready and designed as I wanted, , but I did not have the guts to go live and expose myself (yet😊). The exchange with the Venezuelan Webdesigner went flawless and I paid all in all 250 USD (5 x 50 USD😊). I am still in contact with him and he was proactive and very dedicated to the project, motivating me to go live…

  2. Logo creation: it is the logo of florian Höfling coaching & consulting. I worked with a Pakistani Logo designer and the logo was finished within 24 hours. Communication, iterations and final alignment about the files and sizes were without any problem. I paid 19 USD for the logo in 4 different variants.

  3. Christmas / new year card creation. I worked with a Russian designer. She even put her creative touches to the design, final versions were available within 24 hours and I paid 17 USD.

Following recommendations:

  • Make a good briefing, maybe even a mock-up (I used ppt)

  • Communication with the talents is key! Do not hesitate to ask for changes and alterations until it is perfect (perfect means 95% as in such a global work set up 100% as target might be challenging). Be friendly and consider them being human beings, guests you invited in your life.

  • Just try – it is up to you to set a price / budget and you will see if people respond or ask for higher compensation.

Overall the tool is simple and easy to use, best described on the website. If detailed questions, feel free to contact me:


Business Idea for free

Book swapping platform


People who like to read books (real books like me), need to consider a budget for books (I buy approximately 5 books per month). After the book is read, typically the books will be dust collectors, take up space and will hardly serve for any other purpose as potentially showing off what kind of literary genius you are.


A book exchange platform. The second hand book market is expanding. I am seeing more and more second hand book stores popping up online: medimops, thriftbooks,… On the other hand, of course, there are book swapping platforms already existing but from my quick oversight they are not very efficient and user-friendly (I have to confess, I did not test them in great depth).

The solution is simple, pragmatic and straight forward: there is a platform connecting two traders, a reading list with a stock list. You create the reading list online of the books you would like to read in the future. At the same time you create a stock list, books you have on your shelf you are willing to trade. You can scan the ISBN number and automatically it will be uploaded. You judge the book's condition according to a simple matrix: very good, good, ok. The platform matches offer and demand and shows each trader the book condition and trader’s status. Based on that they can accept the book.

The only responsibility and cost that will occur are the shipping fees to the trade partner. Afterwards each trader can rate and review the process, the quality of the book and the other trader for future references.

Commecrial concept:

If the idea resonates with you and you would like to exchange further, e.g. scalability, commercial concept,…I am happy you contact me:


Thought about Culture

Recently I read quite some news about China: Xinjiang, surveillance, Hong Kong, One Belt, One Road,…Of course this kind of news are eye-catching, worrying and confusing for most of us.

However when I think about China, about my time in China or the interactions with Chinese, I think about human beings looking to improve their lives, their family’s life and often the life of their whole societal network. They do so by working like crazy, challenging the status quo, struggling and never giving up, seizing and trying every opportunity arising and innovating wherever possible, even with the most basic means.

I am talking about the Chinese merchant in Aljezur (little town in Portugal) that has the biggest product portfolio available in the region, the cheapest prices and the longest opening hours. I am talking about the Chinese rain coat seller on tourist sights that shows up exactly when the rain is about to start. I am talking about the Chinese motor producer that hears from the client that more power is needed and within 24 hours a new prototype is available. And I am also talking about a Chinese friend I recently met who was challenging me on the implementation of privacy laws in Europe, proposing a great idea of how to resolve this issue favouring the individuum's freedom in a connected and hyper technologized environment.

When hearing and listening, I am amazed about the clarity of thought, pragmatic approach and innovative idea from somebody who was nevertheless brought up in the country responsible for so much eye-catching, worrying and confusing news these days.

It confirms very well: human beings, regardless of background and culture, are capable of a lot when seizing opportunities rather than focusing on the negativity and destructive thoughts especially provided by the news.


Impulse about leadership

Before Christmas there was a wonderful event: WE.SERIES#3 – Love in the work environment.

The topic sounded strange to me and I was very curious how the event would unfold.

The first question that was asked: “Who uses the word LOVE in his workplace”!

Wow, what a strange question. I was immediately back in my Bosch leadership world and thinking about me telling my employee, customer, boss: I love you…I love…what a strange thought.

When I then saw how many of the participants were actually using the word love, I was quite surprised. Positively surprised. The stories that were told were impressive and inspiring. On the other hand the stories about exactly the opposite, were also shared and shocking.

So in my reductionist mind I constructed following summary:

  • Emotions and feelings have a place in the business world, in leadership and management. Vulnerability is the word of the hour.

  • Why not trying to use the word "LOVE" as Metaphor or Anchor in our minds to remind us to show vulnerability.

  • As this is not a business topic but rather a human interaction topic, why not starting somewhere safe? How often do we tell our loved onse: "I love..."? And what do we acctually do to show them appreciation?

  • Maybe this is a good starting point and trainig ground to eventually in the near future use the word "LOVE" in leadership more often.

For me the most ressonating fact was about the question: "Who feels love in his work place?" From my point of view this is crucial, make people feel loved and appreciated in the workplace AND at home. The result will be: effective leadership and love in return.

A target to aim for: when any of our employee, friends, husband, wife, family member will join the next WE.SERIES#4 about Love and Appreciation and the question will be asked: “who experiences love in the workplace, friendship and family?”, they will step forward and say: “I do”!.


Impulse about change

An extract of my new year message:

“…the year 2019 is almost over. Looking back, I see great experiences, new friends, amazing learning experiences and difficult situations, moments of doubt and ongoing challenges. As always in life, there is yin and yang, chaos and order, up and down, winning and learning…“ Of course what I was referring to is Change! Change happening, constantly, and a lot recently in my life, e.g. the initiation of thIMPULSE being one of them.

In order to track and reflect on what is happining I am using this tool. It takes litterally 5-10 minutes every night and it helps me to reflect, understand and also to make transparent what is my objective status quo.

Too often we are focusing on the one bad day that has happended and forget the ten great days we had previously - this can not happen anymore as I have it black on white.



“You can not control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you.” Harold S. Kushner



For the beginning of the year we tackle the topic target setting - a real 2 step treat:

What would you like to have / create / experience / give / change / accomplish / … in the near future?

Step 1:

Take ten minutes and brainstorm / note down an extensive list of ALL the things you would like to achieve, create, do, have, give, experience…It can be anything, any crazy idea…Write down a lot!!

Step 2:

After that go through the list and mark behind each goal a challenging but realistic timeline: short-term (1-3 years), medium term (5 years), long term (10 years). Anything which lays in between put it towards the shorter-term timeline.

The continuation will be in the next thIMPULSE.


Thanks for reading until the end...I feel humbled and grateful!

You have feedback?

Please leave me feedback in the comments or send me an email: Thanks!



Why today?

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